Patterned Sheer / Transparencia Estampada

The love of sheer is clear on the streetstyle this year. Several styles of sheer have been seen circulating on the runways, so let’s take a look at the most popular and bold trend. Polka dotted or similar patterns sheer have all made an appearance, adorning dresses, tops, skirts and the like. Whether you wear… Sigue leyendo Patterned Sheer / Transparencia Estampada


Vegan Matcha Tea Bites / Bocaditos Veganos de Té Matcha

Haceos un favor y probad estos deliciosos bocaditos veganos de té matcha llenos de un suave y sutil sabor a té. Jugosos y esponjosos, son perfectos para deleitar nuestro paladar con una tacita de té o para compartir con amigos en cualquier ocasión! Empecemos! Ingredientes: 110 ml de aceite vegetal 220 g de azúcar blanco… Sigue leyendo Vegan Matcha Tea Bites / Bocaditos Veganos de Té Matcha


Pinstripes / Raya Diplomática

The pinstripes trend was a runway hit in the past shows, where designers played with the classic pattern in current cuts, giving it a fresh facelift. Long associated with Wall Street bankers and gangsters, the pin-striped motif communicates authority, power and masculinity. But, the latest take on the clasic print took shape in form of… Sigue leyendo Pinstripes / Raya Diplomática