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Femme Luxe Haul | 13

New FEMME LUXE Haul is finally here! This time with 2 new major trends that are totally hitting the spots this summer.

For the majority of the 21st century, menswear has been dominated by skinny cuts, as you might now if you, like me, grew up to enjoy clothes that were designed slim and flattering – clothes that didn’t just hang on your shoulders.

It was partly a reaction to that, but the oversized trend also went hand-in-hand with the rise of athleisure fashion into the mainstream.

Compared with spray-on jeans and nip-and-tuck tailoring, this is comfort as fashion which includes wide-leg trousers, slouchy blazers, boxy tees and blanket coats. It certainly doesn’t mean that oversized clothes can’t be tailored, but they’re definitely more down-and-dirty.

Oversized has always been a statement, note that for example dad jeans are right out of the ‘90s, and just now it’s one that a lot of the fashion world is making.

The oversized trend might be big right now, but it’s not something for all occasions, it just doesn’t work as eveningwear which is usually the most formal of occasions.

That’s not to say you can’t wear it for smarter looks though, key is to buy oversized not big. It’s not a secret that every single item always works best when it’s been designed to fit that purpose.

Purposefully oversized pieces provide the additional structure you need to avoid looking like all your clothes have stretched on the hanger which just looks sloppy. You need the items to be oversized in the correct places, like the shoulders and the waist.

As long as it fits on the shoulders, the arm and trouser length and proportionally at the waist, then an oversized item can absolutely nail it!

Skatewear is streetwear and streetwear is now high-fashion. That being said, baggy tees are one of the main streetwear representative items, so we can assume that tees are now high-fashion.

A minimal, neutral T Shirt will provide you that slicker menswear inspired look. Usual rules about the T-shirts sleeve hitting the middle of the bicep don’t necessarily apply here, with some cuts falling as low as the elbow. Just add a few rolls to the hem to avoid your arms looking weedy.

For the most part, you need to balance out the look with a slimmer fit elsewhere. With an oversized tee, you might want to wear it over a fitted bottom, for example, slimmer jeans and have just one item which offers the movement and oversized lines.


White Cropped Oversized T-Shirt – Riya

Given that the amount of time we’re spending indoors has greatly increased over the past months, when it comes to our wardrobes we have loungewear on the brain quite a lot right now.

Last year at this time, my inbox was inundated with marketing emails about new spring dresses, vacation dressing, and the latest designer It bags and shoes. This year, emails about sweatpants, leggings, sneakers, pajamas and slippers are dominating it.

I’m sure that we can all agree that spending a lot of money on loungewear isn’t on our to-do lists right now, but finding the best affordable yet good-looking loungewear certainly might be.

If you’re on the hunt for loungewear that looks and feels expensive but is far from it, your best bets are ribbed knit items. The textured fabric has some weight to it and falls nicely, as opposed to knit jersey fabric, which can be thin and clingy.


Cream Rib Two Piece Loungewear Set – Aloranna

The color of this set makes it look even more expensive. Plus, this versatile tank looks as good with bike shorts as it does denim, it is the type of tank that’s worth buying in multiples.

Hope you guys like it and wish you a super juicy weekend ahead!



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