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Femme Luxe Haul | 12

New week, new FEMME LUXE haul out!

The off-the-shoulder trend is still a thing, that’s why designers didn’t hesitate to put bare clavicles back on their runways for this summer. Showing the shoulders is a daring move, but single-sleeve dresses prove that showing a little skin is chicer than you think.

The single-strap cousins of our beloved off shoulder tops are chic, unique and versatile. These are an option with uncalculated elegance and, if you get it right, you’re sure to shine bright!

One-shoulder dresses offer us the best of all worlds. One-off ensembles can be either casual: get a total going out vibes with this lwd covered with a denim jacket; cocktail hour: style the dress with an embellished or metallic statement accessory with flattering heels; or work-appropriate: with more conservative fabrics like knit and thanks to an added coverage like an oversized blazer or a cardigan.

Plus, they are perfect for the tricky weather we’re experimenting the past few weeks. With summer on the horizon, one of the things we like most about this eye-catching one-shoulder trend is how well it lends itself to layering. Just throw on a cardigan or a jacket, play with different shoes depending on the weather and done!

White One Shoulder Padded Bodycon Mini Dress – Unice

If there is another important print trend this year, it is definitely slogans that appeared on many runways to deliver some intentional messages. Let’s call this new season a slogan generator and talk via clothing.

Fashion has always served as a form of self-expression and this time looks like designers wanted more. Especially prominent are slogans promoting feminism and encouragement or positive messages against racism.

Politically charged or not, sloganeering in all its forms is on trend, bold and brilliant. So, if you feel like you got something to say, this is the trend for you.

Happiness promoters are my absolute favourites. They are all about making sure you’re feeling positive while you get over the week. And what’s more positive than the Peter-Pan-Syndrome? This Bay Girl T-shirt lives the innocent lifestyle and understands that life is always better with a childish point of view. Totally agree on that point. So, if you’re feeling low? Buy a T-shirt ;)!

White ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Crew Neck T-Shirt – Bria

What is so special about cropped sweaters? First of all this style evokes memories of the 1990’s fashion, secondly the oversized fit makes you look tough and sort of Tomboy inspired. In today’s post I want you to look through this trend and offer you the best style inspiration.

You can try this knitwear with a flirty ruffled skirt or high-waisted palazzo pants, my favourite options!

The cropped sweater should be boxy, above-the-waist cut making you look fashion-forward, plus it gives you an additional layer for chilly days making a proper visual look.

You can go totally Tomboy but still look sexy and girlish. That’s an easy look you can pull off by simply pairing a cropped knit with boyfriend style jeans or baggy pants and boyish look accessories that may include baseball caps or sneakers.

You can always go in cozy layers by teaming your new staple with something longer, like cozy maxi gowns or elongated white button-downs.

If you want a more hipster look, then you can go for high-waisted pants, jeans and skirts.

Best thing about this trend is that everything is in, so everyone can wear it. Check it out and tell me how you feel of wearing this statement outfit!

White Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top – Kourt

Hope I inspired you and wish you a super juicy week ahead!



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