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Femme Luxe Haul | 9

My new Femme Luxe  Haul is all about bottoms. 3 styles that are hitting the spot this season!

Nude tones and military items are definitely my thing. So, how could I resist to these cargo trousers, as they look exactly like the coolest prolongation of this marvelous trend?

If you’re not pretty much into cargo don’t discard this trend so quickly, this style can be done in any colour now which means these pants just became more versatile.

Military trend is always been there, actually is one of the styles I’ve always seen in the designers collections and never gets out of style. Why is that? Very simple. It looks great on anyone and can transform into many different styles. Personally, love the mixture between militar and grunge, which is perfect now the 90’s are having their huge comeback.

The ways to wear such a look are infinite by switching accessories: we can go from a classic polished look going for structured army printed jackets with belts, a silky blouse and classic heeled pumps, to the grunge look pairing a vintage looking cargo pants with combat boots, knitwear and statement jewelry.

An easy go-to outfit with the perfect trendy touch!

Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trouser – Sunny

If we had to call one piece the item of 2020, it would be the classic checked trousers.

Checked coats were the number one buy last year and they continue to be a best-seller this season too, as everyone is tempted to play with checked suiting. But, the one item hitting the spots this year are pants, they are so good that you’ll want to buy more than one.

My favourite version has to be these high waisted slim leg Prince of Wales check trousers, which I have been wearing over and over since I got them. The fit is perfect and they nail the trend!

Prince of Wales check is the print that keeps on giving. We have spotted Prince of Wales check items on all our favourite street style stars, a classic style to wear on any ocassion.

It’s incredibly easy to style and smartens up just about any outfit, even combat boots and leather jackets on a casual day. But, they also look fab in a more polished outfit, with a long black coat and killer heels.

Grey Checkered High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Taz

One trend that always seems to be popular involves the distressed jeans. Ripped jeans are massive now and in all types of styles: from skinny to boyfriends, from flare jeans with the currently 70’s fever to boot cut.

A great pair of jeans with just the right amount of distressed areas that you want in all the right places give you the perfect comfortable and fashionable look.

On how to wear them is really not much to say about it, they are jeans so they go with everything. Plus, they add a twist to any basic outfit and a tiny rock’n’roll vibe, think of a jeans-basic tee combo and now take out the scissors and drill some holes into them…BOOM! You can let your imagination run wild and make the rips wherever you want with the diy technique.

Love all kind of distressed jeans, but knee-ripped jeans are my favorites as I consider them the more polished and sophisticated version of them all. I specially like how the look with some girlie accessories, heels in all its versions (stiletto, sandals…), a blazer…That for me is PERFECTION.

The tiny skin exposure make distressed jeans so feminine and sultry in contrast with the rebelliousness of it all. I really hope they never go away!


Other styles to take a look at:



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