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Femme Luxe Haul | 6

My new collaboration with Femme Luxe is live and I couldn’t be happier with the items I chose this time.

This beautiful white jumper is a new autumn/winter staple. Featuring long sleeves, crew neckline and sass front splits, you can wear it with leather jeans and statement boots for a bang on trend daytime style.

There’s no better way to stay warm and stylish on colder days. This jumper has a cosy feel, crafted from a textured wool-blend and knit across the chest, adding interest to a versatile jumper. Style simply with jeans and trainers for a perfect go-to look.

Cream Long Line Split Jumper – Menzie

The corset is trending back again and this time for style purposes only.

Nowadays corsets are mostly ornamental and a perfect accessory to tranform an entire look.

How can we translate this centuries-old accessory into real life? The piece is now more about fashion and sex appeal, so key to pull them off is to style them as a piece of lingerie and wear it with a massive jacket over them, with oversized menswear-inspired pants to give them a feminine spin, with skinny jeans and heeled sandals…

The sky’s the limit when it comes to corsets, but what all these styles have in common is that they shout fashionably empowered out loud!

You can pick either full on corsets or those resembling waist bands in different materials and textures: leather, with laces with a retro vibe, with zippers, structured pieces…anything is IN.

Plus, corsets made you stand up straighter and the cinch at the waist has a flattering push up effect.


White Front Clasp Corset Bodysuit – Chaya

What a difference a sleeve can make.

There are at least five different sleeves to try this season, but the sweet ones have been a consistent theme here. The maxi sleeves are as girlie as it gets and a little bit Disney inspired, we can’t help but think that even Cinderella would love to wear them, too.

Lucky us, there are infinite possibilities to style these sleeves, weather your idea of this trend is glam-rock, excessive or romantic.

My favourites are puffed sleeves. Puffed sleeves are a statement and proof that we’re all craving for extra volume this season. These sleeves are the result of dipping a bit into the past, when days were spent playing princess games, watching princess movies, and dressing up as princesses.

Styling big sleeves is very easy, you just have to wear them as normal sleeves but (and here’s the authentic grandeur of this trend) as they’re a satement you can wear them in a minimalist look with a twist and keep the rest simple. Think of a puffed sleeved top paired with skinny jeans for a go-to outfit, they add a hint of chicness to it that I love.

Black Organza Mesh Long Sleeve Top – Kirsty

Other styles to take a look at now that Christmas Season is around the corner:

Hope I inspired you and wish you a super juicy day ahead!


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