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Femme Luxe Haul | 4

Good news for set fans and cashmere and cotton lovers, those lived-in staples once limited to indoor wear has now become not only acceptable, but a total must.

Casualwear is meant to be the comfiest trend ever and fashion setters now actively encourage the look both indoors and out.

These matching sets, now referred to as loungewear, have now become a thing of importance. So, it’s time to reconsider cosy comfies to be something we should invest in. It can even become your weekend uniform and these are my favourites from Femme Luxe.

Tracksuits, mocnochrome styles and hoodies are all in. As sneakers, trainers and super-soft knits. The general consensus is the comfier the better. But, if you wanna take the trend one step further a black or pared-black aesthetic with killer heels and a fancy bag will do the trick!

Black Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set – Lacy

If you’re more of a casual-style-kinda person, tracksuits or a specific color palette are key. Choose a super-soft style, throw on a chunky knit and some trainers or a zip-up hoodie and this will be your weekend go-to.

Here are some tips when investing in loungewear:

– Choose those pieces that are easy pull ons and that allow you to unwind but still feel stylish;

– True comfort is such a luxury so choose pieces in super soft fabrications such as cashmere or high-cotton content. These styles are perfect for relaxed days, travel outfits or popping on before or after the gym;

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

-Teer clear of anything garish. Embellishment is generally a no (at least for me), opt instead for neutral shades like khaki. We can consider khaki as the military sibling. It´s a very powerful color giving the fact that all khaki clothes look army-inspired no matter how we wear it. The color itself allows us to introduce the military style into more looks, which is perfect if we don’t want to do the military laid back style.

I love the effortless and relaxed air of the khaki color and the masculine and structured touch of the army world.

It’s like beeing rebelious and discipline at the same time: we can go for a casual badass look when wearing cargo items or do the military laid back style.

I love specially the items that allow us to play with the maculine-feminine approach. If we wanna tranform a simple masculine look into a hot, feminine and sophisticated outfit, we just have to think about adding some killer heels and golden accents to the outfit.

Khaki Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set – Lacy

– Look for long-lasting fabrics to avoid looking too tacky or too messy;

– Go supersize: When investing in your new comfy pieces, choose a size bigger than you would usually go for or slip into the mens department as slouchy styles look even cooler than a jumper that clings a little too tightly. This oversized sweater acts like a Mini dress, the one item that gives us all the confirmation we need to take on the trend.

Khaki Oversized Sweater Dress – Ola

Other newies to take a look at:

– Satin Dresses

– PU Leggins

– Lace Bodysuits

Hope you guys love it and have a juicy week ahead!


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