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Femme Luxe Haul | 2

My second Femme Luxe Haul is live and I am super excited to share my new 4 favourite items with you!


What would happen if we mix two maximum summer trends such as classic crop tops and lace up details? The answer is a party of fashion and luxuy in our body in the shape of tie back tops.

While graphic and all types of t-shirts are having their moment, I am really happy that one style of blouse is making it to the top of the top trends. When it comes to these I just can´t help myself.

I absolutely adore this kind of tops, they literally adorn the back and anything is in, from satin to animal prints, long sleeves and cut out designs.

Best thing about this tie back top is it‘s versatility, you can pair it with whatever style you’ve got in mind: add a little something to your daytime denim look, dress up posh and party pieces or give a twist to your minimalist outfit.

Put your best foot forward and step out in style with this strappy, lace-up detailing top to suit any ocassion, it will give you an instant touch of sophistication and they are pretty hot!

Black Satin Tie Back Milkmaid Crop Top – Lola


Whether you’ve gone dairy-free or not, brace yourself because we’re all dressing like milkmaids this summer.

Square neckline tops often completed with bow ties, ruffles or floral prints are already emerging as the top trend of Summer 2019.

This ultra-feminine and soft look is replacing the menswear-inspired trends of seasons past. Still not convinced yet? Let me inspire you below.

White Slinky Bardot Milkmaid Top – Belle


Oversized items are are must-have right know. Apparently woman´s looks are all about borrowing everything they can from menswear.

Truth is, that slouchy oversized silhouettes are not for everyone. It takes a great personal style and attitude to pull off a boyfriend jacket. But, by paying attention to what you´re pairing it with, they can look pretty flattering.

Oversized pieces imply one unavoidable fashion rule: make sure to keep at least one item of your outfit fitted to create a balance in the silhouette.

In my opinion, wearing a blazer, whatever its size is, gets you a very french-girl-look as in a very classsic chic sort of way. Let’s face it, we have to surrender to this trendy item, because they are not going anywhere!

Plus, they can look really hot when playing with different lengths. Pairing a maxi blazer with a mini skirt, dress or shorts is a perfect option for a night out or a cocktail party!


Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket – Madison


The return of ’90s style has brought many of the decade’s biggest trends back to the forefront of fashion, my favourites are the bodysuits.

Bodysuits where mainstream back in the ’90s and now they’re back in track. They ooze something so irresistible you just can’t take your eyes off them and that ‘wow factor’ is not the only quality they own.

Bodysuits can look effortless, sophisticated and everything in between, it all depends on the piece you choose. For a casual go-to outfit, choose a basic and subtle monochrome bodysuit and pair it with high waisted bottoms, A-line skirts or jeans and flare denims. For an evening kinda look, opt for a pretentious fitted bodysuit with some trasparency, V necklines, cut outs or off shoulder pieces and pair them with leather pants, flowy miniskirts or skinny jeans.

Bodysuits are the statement piece of your look, no matter what kind of style you’re looking for. My tip here is to keep the rest of it simple and focus on the star of the look. As we all know by know it’s all in the details, so incorporating tiny embellishments like the one I’m showing you today can pack a major punch and add an instant retro touch and personality to an otherwise flat outfit.

Plus, bodysuits are not just pretty comfy, but a chic silhouette-defining piece perfect to enhance our curves and to show our feminine part as well. We’re living in an era when sleep dresses,  bodysuits and bralettes worn as tops are the norm, and who doesn’t appreciate seeing ladies embrace their sex appeal and their cleavage with pride?

White Polka Dot Mesh Plunge Bodysuit – Starr

Check out their website to get some inspiration for other amazing styles: Co-ords , lounge wear sets , ribbed lounge wear sets , Knitted lounge wear sets.

Hope I inspired you and wish you a super juicy day ahead!

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