Shoe Trends x Zaful

The spring/ summer 2018 shoe trends has me super excited, since they appeared in so many styles and brought back so many memories from days long gone: for example the comeback of designer logos as the heels of your favorite pumps.

This time sp/s 2018 Women Shoes are everything from colourful and interesting, cool and hip and sometimes even totally in line with the latest social trends as well or with a fairy tale twist. We see such imaginative creations throughout that we cannot help but think that the shoes are what will make or break your wardrobe during this season.

The favourite shoe trends I’ve discovered on Zaful include but are not limited to these ones:

Buckle Straps Tassels Snake Print Pumps: Here

Whipstitch Cross Outdoor Casual Slippers: Here

Ruffles Open Toe Sandals: Here


Athletic inspirations have been huge all across the runway trends, from the clothing to the accessories and most especially the shoe trends. It is an unexpected footwear option but one which we certainly can enjoy to the maximum.

Whether we’re looking for monochromatic colors or creative designs, the season is calling for sneakers. Also, we see lots of shoes that allow for breathing room with holes all over or mesh creations to say hello to warmer temperatures.

We can make athleisure look very comfortable yet chic and for that, nothing’s better than a pair of white sneakers. Because, in general, white kicks get peoples’ attention and have been given their own category time and again.

Star Patched Metallic Tongue Skate Shoes: Here

PU Leather Pompoms Casual Shoes: Here

Embroidery Line Mesh Athletic Shoes: Here


Wedges are the perfect combination of comfort and chicness. We can assure they’re not killer heels but yet still baring the same leg elongation effect.

We all can see their potential, especially when talking about sandal wedges and spring and summer time. Plus, they go with absolutely anything, from short dresses to skirts and shorts, maxi dresses and maxi skirts. They can even work with skinny jeans, loose or straight pants, boyfriend jeans and even flares.

If you want to add a little something to a simple daily look (think of a pair of jeans, a basic tee and big sunnies), wedges are definitely the right call! Check these out:

Wedge Mid Heel Casual Shoes: Here

Ankle Strap Wedge Heel Sandals: Here

Square Toe Star Pattern Sequined Wedge Shoes: here


Open toes and ankle straps are not only okay, but entirely recommended for the spring and summer of 2018!

Whether we’re looking at thick wraparounds in leather or thicker single straps in suede, we see many top masterpieces in a way that both shows off skin and covers beautifully.

Sheer socks and tights are also ‘in’ this season. I know it’s been taboo to wear them with sandals for so long, but this season this trend is taking center stage. Plus, this is the best way to start wearing them when temperatures are still a bit cold.

If you’re feeling bold enough to wear this combo go ahead, as the most famous runways  have proven that it could be really playful and fun! Who would have thought right?

Chunky Heel Suede Ankle Strap Sandals: Here

Ankle Strap Wedge Heel Sandals: Here

Studded Heeled Two-piece Sandals: Here

Hope you guys like it and wish you a super juicy day!

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