Dressy Dresses x Zaful

Ladies, it’s time to stock up on spring dresses! But not just any spring dresses. Instead, I’ve made a selection of my favourite colours and silhouettes from ZAFUL , the ones we’re bound to see everywhere this season!


You know what they say, when in doubt wear red!

I’m not used to wear red, except on my lips, but there´s something empowering, sophisticated and hot about this color.

Wearing a red piece or even draping ourselves in red could be a little bit tricky. That’s why when doing red, I always keep in mind a few tips just to look more polished and avoid going overboard.

The golden rule is to keep it simple. Red is a powerful color, so no extra big brights are needed.  Plus, wearing red dresses is easy to rock anywhere, from work to a night out. My favourites from Zaful are these ones:

Tiny Floral Riffle Mini Wrap Dress: Here

Plunging Neck Slit Polka Dots Belted Dress:  Here

Cami Mini Super Dress: Here

This colorful color pairs nicely with many neutrals, specially with nude and black (my favourite combination) and of course with red!


Embroidery has fully arrived in the streetstyles and fashion runways and, as a natural consequence, in our closets.

Love this method of decorating clothing with embroidery: flowers and birds scenes are tipical and a great way to take the bucolic style of the countryside into de urban jungle.

This kind of ornaments look great on peasant blouses or on boho dresses like these ones from Zaful:

Slip Lace Embroidered Rose Applique Dress: Here

Floral Mesh Dress And Cami Dress Set: Here

Embroidered Smock Babydoll Dress: Here


Don’t you dare touch your mini dresses when you do your epic wardrobe switch-out in between seasons, because we can still wear minis even though cold temperatures are not over. Specially when spring is almost here!

I do tolerate cold really good, or maybe it´s just the ecstasy of dressing light, but mini skirts and dresses are definitely my mantra. I simply adore them, always have and always will!

We can assume, that mini dresses are quite a staple, just because every woman and girl will be wearing them on weekends and holidays regardless of trends, and so much more when we talk about print, floral and striped mini styles. So basic and so freaking hot at the same time!

Currently obsessed with these ones:

Back Zipper Checked Slip Mini Dress: Here

Floral Beach Wrap Mini Dress: Here

Lace Up Slip Stripes Mini Dress: Here


As summer comes to a close, there’s no better timing to pay tribute to mermaids. No legendary creature has provided as much style inspiration, from aquatic hair color to scale prints and sequins, the iconic look of the mermaid is one to live by.

Whether you’re obsessed with mermaids or just hoping to introduce fluidity or shades of aqua, blue and green into your fashion, here are a few beautiful mermaid dresses to try this season:

Cami Mermaid Bandage Dress: Here

V Neck Fitted Bandage Dress: Here

Maxi Sheer Lace Prom Dress: Here

Hope you guys like it and wish you a super juicy weekend!

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