Belt Bags

Some designers had the idea of bringing the old fanny pack back, currently going by the name of a belt bag. A trend that has already divided fashionistas into for and against.

There’s no denying that in this S/S 2018 ‘mini’ is in. Proof of that is that this micro bags standing on a belt meant to be worn around your your waist were spotted at various shows during the 2018 fashion weeks and in many styles, from the sporty-er designs to its more sophisticated model.

If you are not still sold on this accessory, I’ll give you some important reason to wear and love it!

First of all, belt bags are pretty versatile. There’s literally a belt bag out there for every style, from the sporty girl who likes slouchier and more masculine designs, to the musical festival-going girl, boho or rocker, who likes to wear a suede style over her floral dress, or the feminine professional girl, who likes luxurious minimal leather designs styled and worn as belts over a blazer or a coat.

Plus, belt bags are really funtional as they will keep your hands free all day long. Imagine how comfy that could be when going to a concert or during a non-stop day. There’s no better place to secure a tiny pouch than around your waist. Plus it looks as stylish as practical, how cool is that?

If you want to do the casual take on it, wear it cross-body style on a daily basis. It’s  cool and laid back with a bit of retro.

How do you feel about belt bags? Yay or Nay?

Hope I inspired you and wish you a super juicy week ahead you guys!


Cardigan: Pimkie (here)

Pullover: Zara (here)

Culottes: Pull&Bear (similar here)

Belt Bag: Zara (here)

Sock Boots: Missy Empire (here)

Watch: CLUSE (here)

Necklaces: María Pascual (here)

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