Femme Luxe Haul

Pregnancy can make summertime seem even more intense than usual. As your body temperature is naturally higher because of the heat generated by your baby, best recommendation is dressing in clothes that will help you look and feel comfy and cool. All I have to say is that it’s all in the fabrics you wear!

I chose 4 of the best breathable fabrics from Femme Luxe to help me through pregnancy this summer. My favourite 4 styles will cool me down while giving me one hot mama look ;)!


The off-the-shoulder trend is still a thing, that’s why designers didn’t hesitate to put bare clavicles back on their runways for this summer 2019. Showing the shoulders is a daring move, but single-sleeve tops prove that showing a little skin is chicer than you think.

Love this One Shoulder Crop Top Single-strap tops are chic, unique and versatile and an option with uncalculated elegance. If you get it right, you’re sure to shine bright!

Keeley – Rose One Shoulder Crop Top


One-shoulder jumpsuits offer us the best of all worlds. They can be either casual: cover it with a denim jacket and a straw bucket bag for a chilly summer night; cocktail hour: styled with an embellished or metallic belt with flattering heels; or work appropriate thanks to an added coverage like an oversized blazer.

Plus, this Croc One Shoulder Jumpsuit is perfect for the tricky weather we’re about to experiment in a few months. With fall on the horizon, one of the things we like most about this eye-catching one-shoulder trend is how well it lends itself to layering. Just throw on a cardigan or a jacket and done!

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Evelyn – Black Croc Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit


The time to cover up our shoulders is over. The off-the-shoulders-trend is massive this summer season again and that’s great news because I absolutely adore this look.

It’s a style that fits anybody around because everyone has nice shoulders to show and it is pretty flattering. It is the easiest body part to show-off without feeling exposed.

The bare shoulders look is one of my favourites this summer, they imply my deepest weaknesses: feminine style and sexiness. I’ve always loved dresses and tops with large round necklines so that one fall of the clavicle, I find them really sexy.

Plus it is pretty versatile as we can find them in many different shapes and styles: mini, midi and maxi dresses are all in! For an extra comfortness try structured off the shoulder dresses, they are anywhere appropriate (office attire, after work meetings, city vibes and posh outfits).

To continue with the excitement of the off the shoulder comeback I have to mention that styling these items is easy as pie. We can pair them with any other summer trends out there, from wedges to neon sandals, to sheer tops as a coverage and denim jackets.

Best hairstyle to completely expose our shoulders is to pull your hair up in a ponytail.

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Kenzie – Black Mesh Strapless Mini Dress


Fashion is a reflection of its own times and an expression of the personality of each person. The slogan top trend allows us to be more creative with our own style while communicating our moods and feelings. Let’s call this new season a slogan generator and talk via clothing!

This trend is one of the maximum reprensentative items of the effortless casual style, simple enough to let your imagination run wild, but with a touch of statement.

Sloganeering in all its forms is on trend, bold and brilliant. So, if you feel like you got something to say, this is the trend for you. You can add your personal vision of fashion, while pairing these sweat shirts with different items: with jeans for a casual look, with a pencil shirt and a blazer for a more polished result or with a midi skirt for a fashionista kinda look.

I always wear slogan Sweat Shirts that represent me in some way. I think that’s what most of us do in order to make a point here: express our opinions, thoughts and feelings without saying a word, just wearing them!

Happiness promoters are my absolute favourites. They are all about making sure you’re feeling positive while you get over the week. And what’s more positive than having a day off? If you’re into experimenting the slow-life lifestyle, go get yours and you’ll understand that life is always better in a comfy sweater.


Aubree – White This Is My Day Off Sweat Shirt Print Sweater

Check out their website to get some inspiration for other amazing styles: Co-ords , lounge wear sets , ribbed lounge wear sets , Knitted lounge wear sets.

Hope you guys like it and wish you a super juicy day ahead!



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